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What color is mold?

4/13/2021 (Permalink)

Many people ask the question: IS Black Mold Really Black?

If you come across blackish looking mold in your Missouri home, there is a chance it could be "Black Mold." The Latin official name for this organism is Stachybotrys chartarum; if you can pronounce that, you already know more about it than most individuals.

There are many thousands of mold species known, and the list only grows longer with each passing year. Black mold specifically is one of about a dozen that is commonly found within structural environments. The colors vary and do not hint at levels of toxicity or health effects. Most are harmless, posing very low threat to people.

Another common question is: Should you believe what you read about black mold?

We suggest the saying about the internet--"I read it there, so it must be true," is of course often fallacious. There is no need to panic or feel uncomfortable upon discovering a mold stain in your Missouri bathroom or basement. Speak to a reparable firm about your concerns.

Our Advice to You

  • Call SERVPRO of Chillicothe/Cameron/Richmond for a visual inspection of your home
    • Visible mold can be sent for testing
    • Air samples can also be sent to a third-party laboratory for spore identification and volume
    • Testing is a personal decision, though we find little merit in testing. If you see mold, you have mold. Remediation is the answer.
    • Store-bought testing kits are not a good idea, they are inaccurate, and the treatments remain the same
    • Call SERVPRO of Chillicothe/Cameron/Richmond first at 660-240-5105.